Sturmi with extras

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Sturmi with extras

Postby Alvaro Brasesco » Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:14 pm


I'm Alvaro Brasesco from Uruguay.

I start my Sturmi without a great number of references, but later I found your site. I have mine with extra armour in the lower chassis and support for extra tracks, aft support for the huge box and this one, rebuild MG shield, and the front bolted extra armour.
Late, I receive the Echelon decals, so a lot of Sturmi can be done.
BUT, I don't found any with this characteristics in one vehicle together. Someone have any clue about wich one can be done with this or I only can do a "what if" Sturmi?. BTW, I want a war model, better with kills marks.... :roll:

Thanks in advance, Álvaro


Alvaro Brasesco
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