Assault Gun Soft-Skin Vehicle Colors

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Assault Gun Soft-Skin Vehicle Colors

Postby Tanker Mike » Wed May 26, 2010 1:42 pm


I am currently building a Summer 1944 Finnish Assault Gun Battalion using GHQ Micro-Armour in 1/285 scale. Pretty sure I have the organization correct although that is a bit of a moving target

I will be painting soon and wanted to get some help and/or conformation regarding the colors used by the soft-skin vehicles. The Sturmi colors are pretty well documented so I won't need help with although any color plates and type of paints would always be welcome.


VW Küblewagens-German Dunkelgelb?

Opel Kapitän Pkw-???

Radio Car(s)-Finnish Three Color Camo?

Ambulances-Square or round white backgrounds with a red cross?

Trucks(3t)-German Dunkelgelb?

Büssing-NAG Trucks(4.5t)-Finnish Three Color Camo?

Maultiers-German Dunkelgelb?

Famo SdKfz 9-Finnish Three Color Camo?

Russian Armored Cars-Left in Russian Green?Surely not! Finnish Three Color Camo?

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