Bovington StuG painted to Finnish colors

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Bovington StuG painted to Finnish colors

Postby CV9030FIN » Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:06 pm

Hi, all while surfing I notesed that finally Bovington StuG's (Ps. 531-44, the one with awful made-up German colour scheme) has been restored back to its Finnish war time colors. I can't say much about the accuracy as i haven't seen it live but it is a start...
You can read more from
From the The Tank Museum above mentioned site: "If you don’t recognise this it is the Sturmgeschutz III that came to us from Finland in 1990. It has now been restored to its original Finnish identity (complete with logs) by Mike Gibb and is proving to be a real eye-catcher" Tank Museum photo number for newly painted Ps. 531-44 is No 7539.045.
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