Seeking the definition of "Light tank"

Questions & Answers about Finnish light tanks of WWII

Seeking the definition of "Light tank"

Postby Uljas T. Sotka » Wed Feb 07, 2007 8:30 pm

I just wonder which is a light tank. Komsomolets is, I guess, an artillery tractor, but could be also thought to be "light tank". Three classes: Light, heavy and medium. The StuG. IIIs were also not seen as "Tanks" officially.
So, Has anybody or mr. Moderator seen wartime or operational definitions for "light, heavy and medium"?
I have the old Kantakoski book of Finnish armour, but not the newer source books which can contain definitions and clarifications.

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Postby M.E.M.A. » Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:34 am

I do not know, but...

I believe that "light / medium / heavy / assault-gun" is an old classification before the war. Light tank class was 10 ton with under 37mm gun. Medium tank class was 30 ton. Heavy tank class was 50 ton. Assault-gun was a wagon with a fixed gun without a turret.

For example... The small Soviet T-26 tank is light-classed. The T-34 alias "Sotka" is medium-classed. The big KV-1 alias "Klimi" is heavy-classed. The German StuG.III alias "Sturmi" is a self-propelling gun, or assault gun.

Moderator and some readers may know more about this subject.
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Re: Seeking the definition of "Light tank"

Postby AndreasLarka » Thu Feb 08, 2007 9:13 am

Uljas T. Sotka wrote:So, Has anybody or mr. Moderator seen wartime or operational definitions for "light, heavy and medium"?

Nope. The definition I use on my homepage is made up by humble old me. I also don't actually think of the Komsomolets as a "tank" but as an armoured tractor. But as I don't have a section for armoured tractors I keep those pics under the "Light tanks" -section.

The wartime definitions for the Light, Medium & Heavy tanks varied from country to country. If I recall correctly the German medium tanks were sometimes as heavy as the Soviet heavy tanks...
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