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Info on these individuals?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:10 am
by Panssarijääkäri
Hi fellows! First something about me, I'm a new member in this forum, eager military enthusiast and served in PsjK in PsPr, few years back. I'm also an off-time amateur artist my works can be found for example at

Now, I'm trying get some more information on three particular lights tanks that are located in Panssarimuseo. Meaning, from where and how did they came into service, when and where they were used (in action, I mean). The ones I'm interested are:

Ps. 161-9 (Vickers, and if I understood correctly during Continuation War it's suppose to be called T-26E?)
Ps. 163-28 ja Ps. 164-7 (T-26's, the latter being (according to the mothersite m1938, and originally a OT-133 flamethrower tank).